• 37, Rue Balmir, Impasse des Lauriers,Fragneau Ville 2, Delmas 83, PAP, Haiti

Training & Sales

Training, Sale & Rental of Computer Equipment.

Our responsibility is not only to keep up with the continuous changes and advancements in technology, but also to guide and advise our clients on the implementation and optimal use of these technologies.


To ensure that systems and equipment are maintained at the highest level of availability, regular maintenance and periodic repairs are necessary.


To enable and maintain a continuous flow of data at all times, signal and network communicators, as well as end users, our mission offers full support at the system or component level.

Our Mission also offers on-call online technical support programs to resolve any operational issues that arise during pre-deployment, active missions, or subsequent operations.

The main characteristics of our mission: Telephone, email and online troubleshooting 24/7, 365 days a year Technical support with a maximum response time of three hours Support for the configuration of all Hardware and Software, Software / Patch Support for Routers, Switches, PCs and Other Mobile Baseband Components Contact us today for more information on our maintenance and operational support programs.